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In order to be prepared to provide the best opportunities for your children we plan each school year in advance, with each term being a different theme. The activities and learning opportunities for each theme  take each child's individual learning goals and needs into account. As a team we discuss the children and ensure everyone is developing at a pace that is right for them and ensure that all children are getting the support they need to be able to continue to reach their developmental goals. While we are always aware of what the plan for each day is, there is always time built in for free play and we will set plans aside to follow a specific interest a child is displaying or for a spontaneous outing.

For children that stay with us for their preschool years, we will continue to support the development of their early learning goals and  we will help to prepare each child for the transition to school. From the age of 2 and a half years of age your child will continue to benefit from planned activities that will be more focussed to reflect their age and abilities. There will be an emphasis on social skills and becoming more independent  as well as a continuation of weekly phonics sounds and numbers in order to prepare each child for starting school with confidence.  They will build on their fine motor skills as they learn to write their names and numbers. We aim to build each child's confidence as they reach realistically set goals.

For the children who attend for wrap around care we provide an environment where they can relax with friends after a busy day at school. We have some pre set stations set up and the children are encouraged to ask for different toys and activities should they want them. They are able to play indoors and outside. We are able to assist children who are still with us after dinner with doing homework and reading. Each child will have a cubby to store their belongings and it is a personal preference to stay in school uniform or bring a change of clothes. We may be able to accommodate children who wish to attend after school clubs but this needs to be arranged with us in advance. During the school holidays activities and outings are planned to ensure that the children are stimulated and are able to have an enjoyable break.

7:30 am

Arrival and Breakfast/Freeplay

8:30 am

School run and set up stations

9:00 - 10:00 am

Snack, story or music and circle time

10:00 am

Room split for activities and set up stations

11:15 am

Outdoor play

12:00 pm

Lunch, nap time or afternoon sessions
( Activities, stations and free play)

1:30 pm

Wake up, story time/music and free play

3:00 pm

School run, set up stations and afternoon snack

4:00 pm

Free play 

4:45 pm

Dinner, homework and free play

5:15 - 6:00 pm

Free play and hometime
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